Digital Marketing Consultant .

Hey, It’s Thobelani here! I am a Digital Marketing Consultant based in East London,  South Africa. I work with small businesses to market their businesses on digital platforms.

When I am not busy with my clients, I  research and write blogs. My interests are marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance. 

Digital Marketing Consultant

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pay per click

How To Use Pay Per Click Marketing To Grow Your Business In 2021

The ultimate goal of every business is to grow and continue growing. The growth comes as a result of brand awareness, lead generation, and sales increase. Is Pay Per Click marketing an option to grow your business in 2021? There is no doubt digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing. One of the digital marketing …

Email Marketing Software

What Every Business Ought To Know About Email Marketing Software?

Do you use email marketing software? Ok, let me ask this way, can you imagine having software that tracks your email activity in real-time?   Big businesses with deep pockets will answer this questions with out thinking. But a small business will shy away with giving and answer.  What is email marketing? Let’s start at the top. …

Local SEO For Clinical Psychologists

Local SEO For Clinical Psychologists

COVID-19 has brought a number of challenges.  As a result, there is an increase in the number of People seeking mental help. The lockdown restrictions that are put in place to slow the infection rate created problems of their own such as increased unemployment, poverty, and mental health problems. As a result, there is a …

Digital Marketing Physiotherapist

Why Physiotherapists Need Digital Marketing Urgently?

Digital marketing is no secret, 60 percent of the global population is using the internet. More than 90 percent of this population access the internet on mobile devices.  Who does not want to have an access to this market? COVID-19 is making things worse. As a people are no longer moving around. They even work …

Traditional Marketing

Small Business Marketing After The Coronavirus Pandemic.

How is small business marketing going to be after the Coronavirus pandemic? Coronavirus has effects on businesses, consumers, and the entire market. Both businesses and consumers are uncertain about the future. Some are digging their heels wishing to go back to pre covid conditions. However, there is a significant number of small businesses that have …

frequently asked questions

I work with a range of different businesses. I like it like that. I work with healthcare professionals, lawyers, and other professional services in finance and automotive maintenance.

Our ideal clients are small businesses typically with 1 – 30 employees.

Yes. I will provide a monthly analytics report tailored to your business and the objectives we’ve set.

Small businesses do not have the luxury of big marketing departments. I assist them in web development, digital marketing, and growth marketing consulting.