Digital Marketing Consultant based In East London South Africa.

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant based in East London and I work with small businesses to market their businesses on digital platforms.

It does not matter today if you are a brick or mortar business or a tradesperson or a service provider, people today are increasingly searching the internet for businesses that are online offering their services. 

Digital Marketing Consultant services

Local SEO includes optimizing your content for local search intent and takes into account offsite factors like your local listings to help you improve visibility on search engines, review sites, and local listings, like on Google Maps
Only a handful of small businesses have websites, despite the fact that 97 percent of consumers search for products and services online, according to figures released earlier from The SCORE Association (SCORE).

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising can be an effective way of driving intentional traffic to your website or get clients to contact you.  I build and manage campaigns on Google and  Facebook target specific niches on social networks.

Why a Digital marketing consultant?

Unlike other business website providers who charge a hefty fee and provide less, we provide all the essentials to get you online –  a basic professional website.  The business website we provide you will have a contact form, where your potential customers can send an inquiry directly to your email or then get in touch with you via your provided contact number.

The website will have other advanced options for your customers to connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, and other latest internet social websites. We also link your website to Google and optimize it to appear on the first page on Google.

A good professional website can cost a lot of money onwards with possible added ongoing costs. This amount does not include maintenance costs,  which does not make it affordable or cheap.  As we provide only a basic professional four-page website and you actually pay a small amount per month. All the maintenance is included, by doing so , we can afford to keep the costs down.

Online Marketing and Small Businesses

Since the internet has become an inevitable part of the modern world, today’s competitive marketplace requires intelligent digital marketing strategies for the launch and growth of any business.

Especially small businesses need a higher level of a digital marketing plan to generate and enhance their communication with potential customers.